Monday, October 11, 2010

Pix2o Video Screens: The Picture of Versatility and Reliability

Two Pix2o video displays recently provided the large-scale video at the Puyallup county fair. The two 20+ square meter screens used were 6 meters wide by 3.4 meters tall allowing a16:9 aspect ratio (220 square feet). By day the video walls enhanced the events at the rodeo...

Live Rodeo Video on a Pix2o Video Wall ... Bright and Vivid by Day night, the video walls added much enjoyment and color to the country and rock music concerts.

Two Pix2o Video Walls by Night ... Vivid, True Colors

 The two Pix2o video walls played the country fair for 17 days, 13 hours per day. And it rained most everyday in the Pacific Northwest.

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  1. A Vista Spyder would be a great video processor to use with these LED video walls. Spyders put out high quality images and can also have a stereoscopic option. LED video walls are a great way to display ads to sermons at churches to using in concert productions to TV news sets, or even rodeos.