Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pix2o -- Easy to transport, fast to deploy, economical to own

The Pix2o large-scale LED video display sets up easily and most everywhere. Here it is erected in an outdoor parking lot -- free standing. The screen in this photo is our "small" demo screen measuring only 3m by 5m (10 x 16 feet), but you can see that the truss and rigging could easily handle a taller and even wider screen. The men in the photo gives an indication of scale. Notice how bright, vivid and clear the image is even in full sunlight.

Pix2o LED Video Display: Bright and Vivid Even in Full Sunlight

The transportability of the screen is truly amazing. Everything you see in the photo above got there in the aluminum trailer pulled by a pickup truck (see photo below)! Pix2o video displays are highly portable and economical to transport from one event to another. What cannot be shown in these pictures is just how quickly the display sets up from rolling it out of the trailer to being erected and showing video -- that's right, under 20 minutes!

Easy to transport: the Pix2o Transport Trailer and Pickup Truck

Imagine how many Pix2o displays could be transported in an 18-wheeler or straight truck. Imagine the labor savings on set-up and operation. Superior video coupled with economy of use, as well as a whole host of benefits, makes Pix2o is the large-scale video display of choice today. Contact us or see our website at to learn more about the many benefits Pix2o can bring to your event and business.

For more information contact Be sure to visit us in October at LDI 2010 in Las Vegas.

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