Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lighting Designers: What Would You Do?

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Hey lighting designers, want to win a small prize just for some quick brainstorming? Then take a few moments to create an entry for our “Super Bowl Halftime Show: What Would You Do?” contest.

If you were the lighting designer for the Super Bowl XLV Halftime Show, how would you have incorporated Pix2o’s products into the show? Take a quick look at our products and what they can do on our products page.

What makes Pix2o’s products unique? The VideoBlade is a very special modular system that allows the designer to do many things. Some special features include:
- The VideoReel SkyRoll has the ability to roll the up and down quickly resulting in fast set up times.
- The VideoReel GroundRoll can be seamlessly joined together with other GroundRolls, creating screens of nearly unlimited width.
- Touring frames allow the VideoBlade to be mounted in unique shapes that fit your unique video needs.

The deadline is 8pm PST March 5th.

Enter your submission by leaving a comment on this post or email it to us at


Also, be sure to check out our screens at the NBA All Star Game this weekend!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pix2o at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel

On November 18th Pix2o had the pleasure of providing video screens for the grand reopening of the Gaylord Opryland Hotel (Grand Ole Opry) in Nashville, TN.  Attended by over 1,500 of country music’s who’s who, the hotel was reopening after floods damaged it in May 2010. 

Pix2o provided three 4-meter wide VideoReel™ SkyRolls™ for use during the show.  The three screens showed a large variety of videos; in some instances with a different picture on each display and in others a continuous scene across all three screens. The show producers made extremely good use of Pix2o’s rolling features as they displayed video while rolling up and down many times during the show. 

The screens rolled up for performers to move from behind the stage and rolled back down once they were on stage.  Dramatic effects were achieved by rolling the screens up and down independently of each other or in sync.   

The outdoor stage was very compact and the VideoReel™ SkyRoll™ was perfect for the job as it rolls up into a small rectangular truss.  This allowed the set designers to fit the roll-up screen in a very small place, keeping the set small. 

Check out the video for a brief view of how the VideoReel™ SkyRolls’™ were uniquely used for this show.

Full Show in HD 720p.
Gaylord Opryland Hotel Part 1:
Gaylord Opryland Hotel Part 2: