Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lighting Designers: What Would You Do?

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Hey lighting designers, want to win a small prize just for some quick brainstorming? Then take a few moments to create an entry for our “Super Bowl Halftime Show: What Would You Do?” contest.

If you were the lighting designer for the Super Bowl XLV Halftime Show, how would you have incorporated Pix2o’s products into the show? Take a quick look at our products and what they can do on our products page.

What makes Pix2o’s products unique? The VideoBlade is a very special modular system that allows the designer to do many things. Some special features include:
- The VideoReel SkyRoll has the ability to roll the up and down quickly resulting in fast set up times.
- The VideoReel GroundRoll can be seamlessly joined together with other GroundRolls, creating screens of nearly unlimited width.
- Touring frames allow the VideoBlade to be mounted in unique shapes that fit your unique video needs.

The deadline is 8pm PST March 5th.

Enter your submission by leaving a comment on this post or email it to us at


Also, be sure to check out our screens at the NBA All Star Game this weekend!

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