Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pix2o at Disney World

Pix2o's large-scale LED video screen rolled into Disney World in Orlando Florida for two engagements. The first photo is the SkyReel unit rolled on its truss and wrapped in its transport cover. This is the Indiana Jones set.
Unloading the SkyReel demo screen

Though the screen was only the "small" 5 meter by 3 meter demo unit, the Disney people were very impressed with its features, performance and rapid deployment. The first engagement was at a dinner event where the screen came off the truck, was flown and showing video in 16 minutes. The ease and speed of use makes the Pix2o video screen a natural for even short events like a dinner.
Pix2o SkyReel at Disney World dinner event

Pix2o's SkyReel was the first video wall to be used on the main stage at Disney World!
Pix2o Video Wall on the main stage at Disney World Orlando

Two 8 meter wide Pix2o SkyReel video walls were shipped to Seattle last week. Watch this blog for pictures and commentary. For more information contact Pix2o: John Deaguiar, 415-948-4956,,

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